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    Room 100 PPI Building, Ponciano Reyes Street, Davao City, 8000

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    225-5466, 0915-771-9183

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    We at Tooth Friendly Dental Clinic are committed to providing you with innovative and world-class dental care. We offer all the latest procedures, technology and services that you need to enhance and protect your smile. We are committed to improvi
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    April 08, 2019

    NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL. At first I found Dr. Kimpo okay; she gave lectures on dental hygiene and was doing a decent job in addressing my dental issues, save for the time I was already squirming and tearing up a little under her hands as she was painfully maneuvering over my molar. (WHEN YOUR PATIENT IS IN PAIN, STOP FOR A WHILE AND CONTINUE AFTER THEY REGAIN COMPOSURE OR DO IT ANOTHER SESSION IF YOU'RE CONCERNED ABOUT TIME!)

    However, after my second session with several dental fillings (7 I think), one tooth started aching terribly. Imagine drinking room temperature water only to suffer from piercing pain radiating from your tooth to your jaw area that lasts for hours. I had trouble eating and drinking for days! At first I thought it was normal and pushed through the pain, but it grew worse over the days. Later, I contacted Dr. Kimpo asking if this was a normal occurrence, she didn't respond (see message thread).

    I decided to call their landline number and was told to come in for a checkup. Considering the price range of her services, I decided to consult with another doctor; a much nicer and better dentist, might I add. After my consult, I discovered I needed a root canal instead as the filling Dr. Kimpo did was too close to the pulp because of too much decay. While I understand that it was my fault for neglecting my dental issues for so long, it was Dr. Kimpo's job as a dentist to give me the options to resolve my issues and not just do procedures that would not eventually fail. I would have been okay with a root canal if I were initially given the choice, but no; I was told I needed dental filling without explaining the risks of it failing. Now, another dental filling she did is failing and my doctor refuses to do a root canal because it's a molar and is tricky to navigate.

    Aside from this, I also don't commend how her clinic displays photos shaming people for spending on other things besides dental procedures. It's inconsiderate and plain unethical to have a doctor shame a potential client for not having the money or for prioritizing other things than their dental health. If healthcare were a lot more affordable, many Filipinos wouldn't skimp or overlook their dental needs. It's not just about priorities, it's about people lacking the knowledge and resources to think about dental issues first.

    Making fun and guilt tripping people is purely in bad taste, especially for a "professional." Educate not shame.

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