Sampaguita Tourist Inn

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Mt Mayon St corner Quirino Ave Davao City, Davao Del Sur 8000 PH
Sampaguita Tourist Inn

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Sampaguita Tourist Inn Reviews

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    IP: 49.149.76.xx
    no rateOctober 23, 2022

    Mag preserve po ako room

  • user profile
    IP: 49.149.76.xx
    no rateOctober 23, 2022

    Pwd po makuha contact number n u po

  • user profile
    no rateSeptember 08, 2022

    pakireserve daw 2 rooms- 1 double and 1 single Sept 23-25,2022

  • user profile
    no rateSeptember 26, 2019

    Pa reserve po ng family room ang 3ple bed aircon po magkatabi, arrival is on September 28

  • user profile
    no rateMay 20, 2019

    Pa reserved po akp 4 nights start today

  • user profile
    no rateMarch 21, 2019

    contact number po kasi sa telephone walang sumasagot

  • user profile
    no rateMay 03, 2018

    My number 09226960497. Pls can I book for reserve a family room good for 3 on May 4 to 6, 2018. Thanks.

  • user profile
    no rateDecember 09, 2017

    pwd please pareserve mamaya 7pm family pareroom, thanks contact me

  • user profile
    IP: 49.148.114.xx
    no rateDecember 08, 2017

    Good am.. ask ko lang po if tumatanggap kayo ng credit card? Reply lng po sa number na ito 09982554071

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  • G1127 what po cp no. to contact u
  • G1127 pwd po mgpa reserve sampaguita tourist inn good for 2
  • G2934 contact number?
  • G9904 anyone who knows contact number of sampaguita?
  • G1613 ano contact number mo
  • G1613 ano contact number mo
  • G1613 gud pm
  • G5801 unsa contact no. nyo?
  • G5140 unsa contact no. nyo?
  • G6926 bed*
  • G6926 single be,fr 3 night to check in april 27- 30
  • G6926 pwede inquire
  • G6926 hello
  • G6708 di matawagan contact number nyo.
  • G3907 contact number please,, hindi matawagan mga number nyo..
  • G9218 contact number please,, hindi matawagan mga number nyo..
  • G3809 hi
  • G9815 contact info pls
  • G8001 anong phone number nyo sa sampaguita kasi hindi ma contact yung landline niyo thnx
  • G6653 hi
  • G9500 wat room of mrs. prodenciado
  • G9500 can i inquire?
  • G6888 I would like to book for 5 nights beginning tom Aug. 23- Aug.27, 2015. Arrival will be late afternoon or early evening. How can I contact you?
  • G3877 hi
  • G3877 good am
  • G6469 I would like to ask the rate and reserve a room for tomorrow
  • G3021 hi how much po ang double bed?
  • G3021 hi
  • G4779 good morning, how much is the cost of semi double bed room for two days?
  • G2372 hi
  • G8440 wats d other contact number?unaccesible mn ang number ninyo..tnx po
  • G8413 helo..ask lng po ng cp number ninyo.tnx
  • G1592 cp# lng po..gling ksi kmi mynila
  • G1592 hi pwedi ko b mkuha #nu..magstay kmi dyan 2days
  • G2876 hi. pwde po makuha cp number nio? d ko po makntak lndlyn number nio. tnx-.
  • G8338 hi po.
  • G9483 hi po.
  • G6039 anyone here
  • G5058 hi puede mag ask?
  • G2377 rate of standard single room aircon for 3nights
  • G2377 magkano yung single room standard?
  • G5187 malapit lng ba kau sa NFA office dyan sa davao?
  • G6192 how much po room rates?
  • G3270 how much po ang room rates ??
  • G3170 how much room rate nyu for single room??
  • G6265 pls.reserve 1 room with 3 for 3 persons on saturday ung 750 po .
  • G7805 gudpm po..i need reservation this coming saturday.. good for 3..
  • G3829 gud pm..
  • G6018 How much is the room rate for single accomodation?
  • G9343 room rates
  • G9514 hello
  • G1150 good pm is this sampaguita inn
  • G9293 gdeve..i nid a reservation good for 2?how can i send the money?
  • G5863 hello
  • G1923 single room for much?
  • G2786 what is ur room rates?
  • G2786 how much lower rate og room good 4 2 preson in one nigth?
  • G1583 room for 2 aircon how much?
  • G1341 ang pangit nang information niyo..walanang nalagay na room rates
  • G7637 room for 2 aircon how much?
  • G5748 single aircon rate please.
  • G5748 inqiure
  • G7113 mam,gud afternon po mag kano po 1 nyt nu jan?
  • G2933 i room 2 person single room mgakano po
  • G2933 hi
  • G4912 room i matrimonia 1 single
  • G3586 how much is the rate of room for 2 adults? from 01-05 May 2013?
  • G7906 helo
  • G8579 reservation for matriomonial
  • G8579 inq
  • G4031 G9971: family room rate
  • G4031 G9971
  • G4031 5
  • G9971 family room rate at sampaguita inn
  • G9971 rate of a at sampaquita inn
  • G9971 rate of family room
  • G1022 inquire
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