High Cap Marketing

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Dr. 1 # 51 Vinzon St BO Obrero Davao City, Davao Del Sur 8000 PH
High Cap Marketing
  • Where quality standards are set
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    Dr. 1 # 51 Vinzon St BO Obrero, Davao City, 8000

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    082 300 8186

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    082 300 8186
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    not available
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    Roof installation.
  • Products
    Gypsum boards Primafles Acoustic boards Tileroof Ribtype/corrugated CPAC monier/clay Asphalt shingles steeldeck Ceiling eaves/soffits Roof insulation Metal furring Metal studs Wall angle Carrying channel W-clip CMT acoustic frames (tee
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    IP: 49.147.107.xx
    no rateMay 10, 2017

    Good morning. I am interested in using your product , "CPAC Monier" in particular to one of my projects. I am province base (Davao City)so I would prefer if you will contact me thru cellphone. Thank you. My number is 09993927531. Or maybe you can message me the number of any agents you have in davao city. Thank you

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