Department of Foreign Affairs

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    Jacinto Street, Davao City, 8000

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    224-4885, 225-1099

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    More Phones: 227-0713, 227-3900
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  • G7817 I have scheduled dated March 13, 2019 between 10AM to 11 AM but then when I confirmed the said schedules I did not able to get the CODE NUMBER of this..How can I get in touch with your office all telfone number will negative. I hope to hear your end about this..? Thank you so much, LAURETA A. MONTES pASSPORT nUMBER EC 1092583
  • G7817 goodmorning Admin. I called up your fone numbers 2244885, 2251099, 2270713 and 2273900,, it sseems all NEGATIVE answer,,Nobodys answering yor fone though i dialed it many many times..I just want to ask your office because I have to renew my Passport Number ec1092583, date may 14, 2014 and may 14, 2019, but then when i emailed all the necessary emails for this reason, but all my emails was return back to me. how can I ask my CODE NUMBER for my schedules to interview for the renewal of my Passport
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