Davao Central Convenience Store - Agdao

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    Leon Garcia Branch, Mercado Bldg, Leon Garcia St, Davao City, 8000

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    Mini Grocery


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    no rateFebruary 02, 2018

    I bought something in your branch, and it cost only 50 pesos, and the cashier said "wala koy kambyo, gusto kag singko2?" and I replied: "dili pud" (refering to the singko-singko). But she get those 5 peso coins and she gave it as my change. But she get mad and said: "ingon ka okay lang singko2? Nya karon masuko ka?" i rebut to her "ana gani ko nga 'dili pud' masuko lage ka te?" "Problema diay sa customer ang walay kambyo sa usa ka tindahan?"

    Now, my question is Why do you keep on hiring those kind of people. I mean RUDE PEOPLE. PLEASE EDUCATE THAT CASHIER. I FEEL SO HUMILIATED.

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